With a sense of Human Resources Management that high performance standards are observed, to determine personnel need at the characteristics most convenient to job and realize recruitment in a manner to perpetuate values of Şafak Makine and the information, skills and competencies of employees.

● We proud of being within Şafak Makine family.
● We believe in power of unity.
● We Pioneer change, initiate change firstly on us.
● We add our imagination into our job.
● We believe information is valuable as it is shared not stored.
● We stand at equal distance to our all employees.
● We work with the sense of precedence of “human”.
● We THANK everything done well.
● We believe importance of efficient feedback.
● Mutual RESPECT is essential for us .
● We perform our duties within the framework of the values of Şafak Makine.
● We make our job correct and direct everyone towards making only its job.
● We act based on our solution proposals not on problems.
● We disseminate positive energy around.
● We take heed of job- private life balance.
● We attach credence to the power of justice, confidence, communication.
● We do not allow that individual interests preclude interest of our company and country.