Training & Development
to support personal development, to develop skills and competencies of our employees, to create an environment they can share their experiences, to organize training program under different titles with the aim of creating awareness and synergy. Orientation program is organized for beginners, so their adaptation to the company in shortest time is provided and in order to guarantee development in terms of professional aspect, training and development activities are conducted within Human Resources. We can explain the training activities organized for that purpose in 4 groups:
* In- company Trainings
* HR Development Plan Trainings
* Technical Trainings

Performance Management System
To strengthen sense of performance focused work with job targets and competencies which are formed in the direction of vision, mission and strategic targets of Şafak Makine, to apply Performance Management System to our employees with the intent of providing development of employees.
Primary targets of our Performance Management System:
* to reach company targets via continuous feedbacks
* to set up constructive and open relationships between manager and employees
* to constitute continuous development culture across Şafak Makina
* to evaluate our employees over correct and objective criteria.


Within the scope of social activity towards company employees, a football tournament once a year and collective meal organization in which families of our employees also participate twice a year are realized.
Tennis tables, table football and snooker tables, library and cafeteria sections are available for benefiting social services in rest hours by our workers.

Sport Activities
* Football Tournament
* Table Tennis Tournament
* Backgammon, Snooker and Table Football Tournaments


Workplace physician is present within our company, it is interested in health problems of our employees. 5 days of the week and according to the department where the personnel to be recruited newly are to work, conformity from the aspect of health is made. In addition, our workplace physician gives training on OHS (Occupational Health and Safety), first aid and nutrition matters to our employees or to audit the trainings given within firm and carry out requisite practices.

Menu is prepared monthly and its compatibility with hygiene conditions are audited permanently. Ear, Lung and Eye control examinations of employees are done regularly once a year, in addition, conformity of chemicals with regard to OHS is checked.