We possess 3 different internship applications:

• Internship for Vocational High School
• Summer Internship
• Workplace Internship

By the law no.3308, internship possibility is provided 3 days a week in our workplace to the students of Vocational High School. Summer internship possibility to 2nd and 2nd grade students who study preferably in Mechanical, Electrical and Electronica , Industry, Mechatronics, Material Science and Metallurgy Engineering and the departments of Business Administration and Economics under compulsory internship of universities. (June-July / August-September)


Selection of related personnel is carried out among the candidates who have got education, knowledge, skills, experience and appropriate behaviours defined related to work.

With reference to personnel employment, firstly the applications lodged before to our company are evaluated, if proper candidate could not be found, advertisement is published for related position over Human Resources portals in internet environment.

The departments in which business opportunity may be offered:
• Machining
• Pipe Shaping
• Production Planning and Logistics
• Quality
• Engineering
• R&D
• Export-Import
• Sale and Marketing
• Purchase
• Information Processing
• Accounting
• Human Resources

** The applications made over internet or via other ways are kept in our HR databank, when open position is available, evaluation is made. Job applications are responded only after making evaluation.