To make or continue to make the investment to increase quality by enhancing measuring ability in the direction of customer expectations of Şafak Makine.

500 pcs measuring and control devices are available to conduct other measuring and controls in various stages of production. In addition to these, we also approve accuracy of products through the tests we make in various stages of our processes. These;

  • Salt Testing Device (as per ASTM B-117)
  • Dust Test
  • Impulse (pulsed pressure) test
  • Expansion Test
  • Leak test with oil at high pressure (200-220 bar)
  • Leak test with nitrogen gas at low pressure
  • Leak test with air at low pressure
  • Tensile Test
  • Burst Test


In accordance with ever increasing competition condition in our country and the World; our firm places great emphasis on Research and Development activities. In proportional to extending expert staff and the investments made to equipment, our firm put the most quality machines on market in Turkey.

Our R&D team designs the machines, automation solutions, special sets and testing devices that meet customer expectations with the latest CAD and Analysis Programs, Project management software, kinetic dynamic analyses and experienced engineers. Our customer focused designs are compatible with European Safety Specifications (CE mark). In the process of putting new products that our firm is a supplier into use, our firm involves in prototype and design stages, design testing and equipment of the prototype products manufactured, special/ serial production machines.


The process design part of the design studies carried out by R&D department is performed in engineering department and all prototype and sample studies demanded by customers are designed and put into service after making design in Engineering department.

Pro Engineer, Catia, Master Cam, AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop and Inventor programs are used in Engineering Department. Customer satisfaction and product quality is the main target for all process design studies.

In order to increase product quality and give more quality service to our customers , team spirit is prioritized, APQP team is set up for all customer requests (sample, prototype); feasibility, FMEA, MSA, etc. studies are done.

Our engineer department has actualized many projects successfully, making common team study when necessary, by prioritizing special requests of customer.


By taking customer production lines as reference, “just-in-time” method is implemented within our firm. The orders which are taken in computer environment through EDI connections are supported with ERP program. Daily analyses of all customer production lines are made, so planned purchase and associated production and shipments are realized with success. By combining the experience and flexibility it has gained in this area with sense of quality service, Şafak Makine gives fast response to special requests of all customers. All customer production lines are supported with 100% shipment performance guarantee within this sense of service.

Primarily used programs;

  • EPR Connection Method
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Connection Method
  • WEB EDI Connection Method


Top 25 Supplier of EATON


On account of our successful cooperation, we are deemed worth for the award "Top 25 Supplier of EATON" by EATON.

Best Suppliers of FORD


Due to our successful cooperation, we are considered worth for the award “Best Supplier of FORD” by EATON.

"Six sigma – Lean Production"


In “Six sigma- Lean Production” conferences organized by İzmir MMO, plaque is taken as FORD- OTOSAN supplier owing to our contributions.

"Environment Encouragement Award"


Şafak Makine has taken part in “Environment Encouragement Award” competition among SMEs which is organized by İstanbul Chamber of Industry and won the first place in its own field.



We are awarded with a plaque because of our participation and contributions to The Symposium on Production Technologies of Tractive Stocks in Turkey organized with the participation of Mr. Binali Yıldırım, our Minister of Transport.



A plaque is received in memory of 20th year and 80.000 the production from ISUZU CO.



A plaque is taken from UZEL Makine CO. in remembrance of our successful cooperation for a period exceeding 25 years.



In 1997 when Ford Transit and Cargo vehicles broke production records, a plaque was received from the firm FORD OTOSAN as we reached our quality targets.


Our firm has got ISO TS 16949 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environment Management System, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certificates and the Q1 certificate issued by Ford.

APQP, PPAP, FMEA, SPC, MSA studies are done in our firm as per standard and additionally, practices are done by taking Customer Special Requests into consideration.

8D methodology is used for planning Corrective and Repetition Prevention Activities and the same method is requested from our suppliers. In order to find root cause of problem, the techniques like 5 Why, Brain Storm, Fish Bone, etc. are employed.

Proposal system is established in our firm, in this manner, both the activities increasing employee satisfaction and preventive actions are planned and according to results of proposals, our employees are awarded.


Our Quality Policy

Under globalizing competition conditions, Şafak Makine will focus on meeting customer requirements and expectations at uppermost quality level with continuous development.
While heading for our this objective;
By offering the products at the highest value to our customers with an exemplary service,
providing that expectations of our stakeholders are met continuously,
merging principles of confidence, respect and honesty and our service excitement for our customer relations ensuring the best working environment,
supporting perpetual development and learning with the awareness that making contribution to success of the company by our each employee depends on happiness and satisfaction of our employees, we will be an example firm.

Our Environment and OHS Policy

As Şafak Makina;

By analysing the risks that our products and activities creates for health, safety of our employees and our environment,

  • We will contain the risks that will lead to occupational accidents, occupational diseases and environmental accidents, the waste amounts, usage of energy and natural resources and reduce these to minimum through continuous improvement.

We will conform to all laws, regulations in force and related special requests of customer with our dimensions of occupational health- safety and environment for our all activities.

We will assure implementation of necessary training and awareness raising studies for the purpose of that our employees and suppliers adopt occupational Health- Safety and Protection of Environment matters.